Video GAEB-Vergleich

Product Description Downloads
04.07.2017, version 10.0.6394 
Test version that compares two Specifications (BoQ’s) item for item; in the formats GAEB-90 and GAEB-XML. « Download »
T&T License-Service
04.06.2018, version 4.5.6729
Windows-Service that activates and licenses T&T Softwareproducts.
(Is included in the setup of GAEB-Vergleich)
« Download »
Manuals in PDF-formats
Manual Manual for Tender-Compare (GAEB-Vergleich) « Download »
Additional (Required) programs
.NET Framework 4.5.2 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2,
is required for Tender-Compare (GAEB-Vergleich)
« Download »
.NET Framework 4 Microsoft .NET Framework 4,
is required for Tender-Compare (GAEB-Vergleich)
« Download »